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Empowering Economic Development

TLX provides underserved communities with educational and occupational opportunities in emerging technology.

Bridging the Economic Gap

We are equipping underserved communities with the tools to get higher wage jobs based in technology. We host workshops to teach people relevant skills in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and other Emerging Technology.

Future Workforce

80% of California's future workforce will be Latinx or African American.

8% of the national tech workforce is Latinx or African American.

52%+ of people in poverty in CA are Latinx or African American.

Game Changer

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Maria Salcedo, DSW Candidate (USC)

Maria is working with TecnoLatinx XR Lab to build Cafecito VR, a virtual environment where students can meet and share resources, network and gain insights from peers and mentors across the globe! It starts by building your own custom avatar. 

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HAAT High School, East LA

Students from HAAT HS in East Los Angeles are working with TecnoLatinx XR Lab to create a VR project for their school that allows both social VR interaction and for use as a platform to share school information, events and resources. 

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Mendez HS, Boyle Heights

Students from Mendez HS in Boyle Heights participated in TecnoLatinx XR Lab After-School program hosted by Self-Help Graphics. Students were introduced to the basics of VR content creator tools. 

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What our members say

In making a VR story I learned how to use the VR system by making a story and making it real. I enjoyed playing around with the different resources in VR to make a visual story. I liked using the different brushes and items in the VR too!

Andrea Popoca, Middle School Student

I would of never have thought I would get the chance to do this, and because of this, every time I come in this lab I do my best to use different brush strokes within Tilt Brush, or expand my knowledge through another VR Art program offered at TecnoLatinx XR Lab to see how else I can expand within this new digital world. 

Abraham Aragundi, VR Artist-in-Training

Thank you guys so much for the VR creator workshop! You definitely got a lot of us inspired to learn and do more in VR. Can't wait to learn more and grow my skills!

Mayra Ruiz-Valtierra, DigitalNest Mentor

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