Co-Founders Martha Mendizabal and Nadia M. Bauta started started TecnoLatinx (TLX Labs) to educate and empower students living in under resourced communities through technology. 

Martha Mendizabal

Martha grew up in Tijuana, selling sodas at the border to help her family pay for their rent. While Martha worked hard to sell sodas, she worked even harder in school and was admitted into UCLA. When she arrived at school, Martha had a severe disadvantage compared to her peers because she had never used the Internet. The internet was still abstract at the time, but it was rapidly changing the job market. Martha’s own experience drove her to create a company that will give other students in under resourced communities the opportunity to learn about today’s emerging technologies so they will not have to catch up later. Martha left her job on Wall Street, as a derivatives broker, and co-founded TecnoLatinx. Martha was recently honored as a GameChanger by the University of California, Hastings College of the Law as “one of their most extraordinary graduates.” 

Nadia M. Bauta

Nadia is an LA native who was raised by her Cuban grandmother in Silver Lake.
She attended a high poverty-level high school in Los Angeles and saw the detrimental effects of a broken education system. She was one of the few graduating students of her school that actually obtained a college degree. Nadia was incredibly driven and focused on her goal to achieve a higher education. She has witnessed the transitions of her neighborhood and is motivated to empower  low income communities in Los Angeles to obtain higher-paying and better jobs. Nadia recognizes the value of educating students in the inner city school districts and the long term economic impact it can have. Nadia has had her own success as an Intellectual Property Lawyer and a Senior Project Manager for New York City’s Economic Development Corporation. She decided to found TecnoLatinx in the city where she was raised.