About Us

Diversity in emerging technology and access to hardware by TecnoLatinx

TecnoLatinx is about Empowerment // TecnoLatinx XR Labs pairs with a wide range of organizations to create immersive and educational experiences for groups of all ages across diverse communities.

Our goal is to foster economic empowerment through early exposure to tech hardware, hands-on educational workshops and mentorship. Our mission is to create a sustainable ecosystem where individuals and organizations continue to grow and leverage emerging technology not as consumers but as active participants and content creators. 

We also collaborate with individuals and groups from across USA and Latin America to create mission-driven projects through our Emerging Creator Programs. Proceeds from the Shop help fund Emerging Technology Labs, workshops and mentorship throughout USA and Latin America. 

Join our community of supporters - proceeds help fuel our Lab workshops, community events and scholarships!



TecnoLatinx XR Labs is located in Los Angeles Historic Core District, inside MALDEF's Headquarters: