VR Artist-in-Residence

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” ― Charles Darwin

Meet Steve Vazquez 

Hello, my name is Steve and I am the Technical Teaching Artist at TecnoLatinx XR Labs and a first year at California State University Los Angeles. 

I am an emerging artist who is currently utilizing virtual reality technology as an artistic medium. My academic interest include ceramics, photography, and painting. Most inspiration is drawn from two places, the first being the world around me which can be observed. The second being the internet, which holds knowledge over countless subjects.

I enjoy focusing on learning the anatomy and mechanics of the subjects that I illustrate. Three artists I admire: Leonardo Da Vinci, Kim Jung Ji and Lucio Parillo! 

Milestone: My hard work learning and teaching VR earned me a scholarship to attend the Facebook Developers Conference (F8) along with TecnoLatinx. At F8 I look forward to networking with industry professionals and trying out the new updates to my favorite VR Art tools: Facebook Quill and Oculus Medium. 

Steve's 3D sculpts for TecnoLatinx can be viewed here and here!

Connect with Steve: 

IG: @vaas.kuez
Twitch: vazquezarts
Website: vazquezart